Hi, I’m Katerina!

I’m a copywriter by day, a writer and book reviewer by night, and a nerd forever.

When I’m not coming up with stories for brands at my day job, I love reading science fiction and fantasy (SFF), historical fiction, and literary fiction. I also dabble in voiceover and tabletop roleplaying games.

The blog

I’ve been learning German since June 2022, and I wanted a username that could link back to that in a cute, simple way! 🇩🇪

Katerina liebt is German for “Katerina loves,” which means it can encompass everything I’m interested in.

Fun fact: I originally meant to name this blog Katerina liest, or “Katerina reads,” but Katerina liebt feels more like me.

First Look Club reviews

I’ve been reviewing books for my favorite bookstore, Fully Booked, since 2017. Check out my 2022 reviews on their official blog by clicking below!

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