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  • Reading Recap: May to June 2022 Reads

    Reading Recap: May to June 2022 Reads

    I’m back with another roundup of what I read before I joined the world of book blogging!

    Honestly, it’s been an exhausting week; I got sick on Sunday and basically was curled up in bed with a hot compress for days, then had to venture out into the world for my first face-to-face meeting with clients in years last Thursday (in my industry, majority of us still work from home, but that’s slowly changing, though pretty dependent on Covid developments!). I’ve really just been rolling with the punches, though mostly sleeping to recover.

    But on the bright side, I recently finished an amazing new SFF novel, finally finished a book I’d been putting off, and have a couple of ARCs that I’m psyched to start reading. So let’s get started!