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  • Book Review: The Farm by Joanne Ramos

    Book Review: The Farm by Joanne Ramos

    When struggling single mother Jane Reyes is selected to become a Host at Golden Oaks Farm, she’s ecstatic.

    For the next nine months, she’ll be living in a luxury retreat for the one percent—or, well, for the women carrying the children of the one percent—where the staff will trip over themselves catering to her every need. Or at least that of the baby she is carrying.

    Leaving her six-month-old daughter in the hands of her older cousin Evelyn, referred to as Ate (“older sister” in Filipino), Jane goes to Golden Oaks, where she meets a variety of people: her new roommate Reagan; Mae Yu, Golden Oaks’ sophisticated managing director; and a number of other Hosts, most immigrants, many of them nonwhite, all of them ready please their faceless clients.

    But the more Jane learns about The Farm, the less she sees her family—and the more she wonders if the tradeoff is worth it.